Noble Bond Limited was founded by Professor Jim Johnston and Dr Kerstin Lucas, the inventors of Aulana ® and NgaPure ®.

Noble Bond is a 100% privately owned New Zealand company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Wools of New Zealand Limited is a cornerstone shareholder in Noble Bond.

Trade enquiries should be made to Steven Parsons, Innovation Manager at Wools of New Zealand.

Scientific enquiries to Prof. Jim Johnston.

Pictured right: Dr. Kerstin Lucas and Professor Jim Johnston holding an Aulana ® scarf.

jim johnston and kerstin lucas
Pure Gold | Pure Wool | Pure Luxury

Aulana ® brings a unique and desirable new product suite to luxury wool markets.

Aulana ® uses modern innovative science which is steeped in the history of colouring glass with gold in Gothic Cathedrals to combine nature’s premier noble metal with nature’s most pure fibre to create a rare, inimitable selection of exquisite fabrics imbued with gold in a boutique range of rich colours.

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ngapure by noblebond
permanent bacteriostatic textiles

NgaPure by NobleBond is a new science for natural wool textiles based on ancient medicine that offers effective and permanent protection for wool.

• NgaPure captures and imparts the long established and well known, natural antimicrobial effectiveness of noble elements against some 600 plus different microbes, including Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli & MRSA to wool fibres, fabrics and textiles.

• The active ingredient is strongly and permanently bound to the wool fibre proteins. As such it cannot be washed out.

• NgaPure is suitable for a range of products in the apparel, interior textiles, and rug and carpet markets.

NgaPure by Noble Bond is a true scientific break-through combining ancient medicinal practice with innovative modern science and technology and the attributes of natural fibres.

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